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What to do: the sports and not only


15 km from the Palace of Gastaldo you can find the Golf Club Antognolla, a spectacular location of the game follows the slope on which stands the Castle of Antognolla, protagonist of the medieval manor. The driving range is available seven days a week.


In Umbertide you can find a large tennis center where you can rent both outdoor and indoor fields.


In Gubbio you can try a fantastic experience in tandem paragliding: an activity that requires no special physical skills and is suitable for all ages: Your instructor, who will be engaged with a particular equipment, will give you the basics needed to address the flight safely with a short introductory briefing, and make the flight memorable and exciting.


Near Gubbio, in the village of Torre Calzolari, you'll find La Scuderia, riding stables where you can get closer to the world of horse and enjoy a pleasant excursion on horseback.

  • ALLEVAMENTO SA.VE EX COVONE: Ponte Pattoli (PG) : T. 347-818993 (Istr. Romina)


Sailing enthusiasts will have the chance to spend time with their passion in a pleasant natural setting of Lake Trasimeno, where there is also the Sailing Club Trasimeno school.

Club Velico Trasimeno Darsena Comandante Acton 06065 Passignano sul Trasimeno PG
T. 075 8296021 - F. 075 829209 -

INFO: Closing days Monday and Tuesday.

Rafting, Canioning

The center Rafting Marmore will give you all the support and equipment ,as well as accompanied by expert guides, in order to safely deal with activities such as whitewater rafting, the Hydrospeeding, the Canyoning, Kayak and Canoe, even for the most small ( Rafting - soft, soft - Hydrospeeding and the novelty of Tubing -soft ).

Reservation: 330-753420
Direct number for all activities Soft [&] Campus for boys 320 0687327


Near Foligno, the seat of the Valle del Menotre Outdoor & Fun , which offers among other activities , the Quad rental and organizes guided nature trails, in the picturesque hills of the Valle del Menotre up the Oasis of Colfiorito and the Pass Goat , crossing even small villages of the valleys and touching important cultural sites such as the Abbey of Sassovivo or the ruins of the former Roman Municiio Colfiorito 178 BC.

In addition to the rental of the Quad , you will find also other activities such as Horse Riding , Trekking, Rafting, Mountain Biking , Archery, Truffle Collection ( reservations are required )

Ponte Santa Lucia 1 06034 Foligno (PG)
T 0742/661314 - Cell. 335/5426071 - 335/5258685
E-mail: WWW:


Another reference point for excursions into the Quad, is the OFF-ROAD ATV, which organizes guided tours with itineraries of several days, in an environment of true beauty of Umbria and in close contact with nature.

The OFF-ROAD is easily accessible, just exit Montone-Pietralunga from the E-45 motorway Roma-Cesena and continue for about a mile towards Pietralunga, then along the road in the village Corlo.

E-mail WWW:
T 340-7794069

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